Embedded Flight of August


Machinist in the Snow (ELJ Publications, 2015).


Flight of August (Trio House Press, 2014). –Full length series of apocalyptic, survivalist poetry. Winner of the 2013 Louise Bogan Award.



Sugared Water: One poem: Body Politic

Smartish Pace: Two poems: S/2006 J2 and Sinope

In 2016:

Sand Canyon Review: Assorted photos.

Superstition Review (Issue 18): Assorted photos.

Bayou Magazine: One poem: Deer Carry with Them a Kind of Cadence (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

The Nassau Review: One poem: Waterspout Approaching Land

Two Cities Review: One poem: Fields

Cleaver Magazine: Two pieces: Thundersnow (December issue) and Spring Flight (March issue)

Blue Mesa Review (Issue 33): Assorted photos.

In 2015:

Weber-The Contemporary West: Four poems: Your Children, Inorganic, The Oak is Not an Oak, and Numbers

Superstition Review: Three poems: Ancestry, Handfuls of Light, and What You Carry

deLuge: One poem: Steps

Poetry City, USA: One poem: Broadcast

Stoneboat: One poem: Just because a spaceship already exists…

Profane: One poem: The River

Exquisite Duet: a poem collaboration with M. Cooper: The Fire

BALDHIP Magazine: Two poems: The Wind Speaks to Me About Dying and Aphasia

Four Ties Lit Review: One piece: Whiteout

Dirty Chai: One poem: Noise Dilation

Gravel Magazine: Three poems: Strange Days, A Chorus of Trees, and Apple Trees

the minnesota review: One poem: There are no simple truths

Forklift, Ohio: Aitne

Toad the Journal: Harpalyke and Chaldene

Fourteen Hills: Euporie

The James Franco ReviewIo, Metis, and Amalthea

Aperçus Quarterly: Four poems: Radio Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede, and Themisto

In 2014:

Poecology: One poem: Call Home

The Screaming Sheep: from Machinist in the Snow

Santa Clara Review: Almond Cycle

Beecher’s Magazine: from Machinist in the Snow: Poem 7. 

The Pacific ReviewHome

Thrush Poetry Journal: Three poems from Machinist in the Snow

Passages NorthI haven’t been sure of anything

Arroyo Literary Review: Two Poems: We’ve Grown and You’ve Left


The Chaffey Review: Two poems: The Animals and Wait, the Breach

The Berkeley Poetry Review: Three poems from Flight of August: 2, 42, and 43. 

The Black Tongue Review: Two Poems: Global Catastrophe, and Off the Record

Circle Poetry Journal: Three poems from Machinist in the Snow

In 2013:

Dunes Review:  Channels 

The Chaffin JournalYour Children

The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature:  Two poems from Machinist in the Snow

The Sand Canyon ReviewCigars

Vine Leaves Literary JournalYou’ve Stopped (reprint)

Glass: A Journal of PoetryProject Bombardier: 13 and 16

The Pacific Review: Poem 17 from Flight of August and My Father’s Garage

Poydras ReviewJellyfish


East Jasmine ReviewChasing Apollo

Thrush: Poems 27 and 29 from Flight of August

Tin Cannon: Poems 1-5 of Project Bombardier: Poems in Response to Aerial Bombings

The Monarch ReviewYou’ve Stopped and America the Brave

The Wild Lemon ProjectThe Travel

shuf: An Animated .gif poem

Cleaver Magazine: Poems 6, 9, and 12 from Flight of August

Dead Flowers: A selection from Flight of August I write because…

In 2012:

Superstition Review: Four Poems, I Don’t Suppose You Could Help,  Host Party; Burn Flag, New Front, and I drive by, shout

Poetry Quarterly: The Birthing

The Pacific Review: Three Poems, New York, Overdue Fines, and Sleep Overs

Sand Canyon Review:  Flotsam and an interview by Sarah Rhodes.

The Coachella Review: Three Poems, The Merchant, The Gardener, and The Librarian. 

Call-Writings and Art: Black History Month: The Judge

Aperçus Quarterly: Centralia

Inlandia: Enigma

The Redlands Review: Two poems, When El Niño Came Through, and She smoked us good

Call of the Wild: Being HumanThrough the Wagonwheel  (From Editions Bibliotekos)

Badlands: Two poems, The Junkyard and Pillow Talk

In 2011:

Welter Magazine: In the end it’s nature’s butchery

The Sand Canyon Review: Two stories, Glass and Soil and All Fight and Nowhere to Go

The Secret Handshake: Rent


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