Redlands Review Release, and Readings.

A few updates:

-Redlands Review is throwing a release party/reading on the 12th on the U of R campus. A bunch of the PoetrIE folk will be there, reading, and are in the magazine, myself included.

-CSUSB MFA students will be reading at the Falconer in Redlands on the 1st. That will be a great reading. Everyone should go. All (is it) 9 billion (now?) of you.

-On April 13th, the Wild Lemon Project is throwing a reading bash. Be there. For details, go here:


Apart from those events, here are a couple of updates about my current MFA aspirations. I’ve currently been accepted into two different schools. It’s going to be a tough decision on which one to attend, and with a newly acquired goal (that I’ll be talking about in a future post down the road) it sort of fogs up which school I will attend. Decisions decisions.


Well, that’s just about it.


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